Account Sharing

Account sharing is another prevalent issue, where users willingly or unknowingly share their account credentials with others. This practice can lead to security breaches, unauthorized access, and fraudulent activities, compromising the integrity of the platform.

How Fraudnetic Helps

Fraudnetic takes a proactive approach to combat account sharing and its associated risks:

Real-time Monitoring

Our platform provides real-time monitoring, identifying unusual login patterns that may indicate account sharing.

Alerts and Notifications

Fraudnetic sends alerts to operators, enabling them to take swift action when suspicious activity is detected.

Customizable Rules

Tailor the system to your specific needs, setting rules that trigger alerts based on predefined criteria.


By leveraging Fraudnetic to address account sharing, you unlock several benefits:

Proactive Prevention

Detect and address account sharing instances before they escalate into more significant issues.

Protect User Privacy

Safeguard user data and privacy by preventing unauthorized access to accounts.

Compliance Assurance

Maintain compliance with industry regulations and bolster your reputation as a secure and responsible gambling platform.