Bonus Hunting

Bonus hunting, a common challenge in the gambling industry, occurs when players exploit bonuses and promotions offered by operators to maximize their profits. This often involves manipulating bonus terms and conditions or creating multiple accounts to repeatedly claim bonuses. Bonus hunters can pose a significant financial risk to operators and disrupt the fair gaming experience for genuine players.

How Fraudnetic Helps

Fraudnetic's advanced anti-fraud solutions are specifically designed to combat bonus hunting effectively. Our system utilizes a multi-layered approach that combines real-time monitoring, behavioral analysis, and rules-based detection to identify and prevent bonus abuse.

Real-time Monitoring

Fraudnetic continuously monitors player activity in real-time, instantly flagging any suspicious behavior associated with bonus hunting.

Behavioral Analysis

Our system analyzes player behavior patterns to detect unusual and fraudulent activities, such as frequent account creation and bonus exploitation.

Rules-Based Detection

Customizable rules can be configured to match your specific bonus terms and conditions, allowing Fraudnetic to enforce compliance and block bonus hunters.


By choosing Fraudnetic to address bonus hunting challenges, gambling operators can enjoy several benefits:

Protecting Revenue

Our solutions help safeguard your revenue by preventing bonus abuse and ensuring bonuses are claimed by genuine players who meet the criteria.

Improved User Experience

By curbing bonus hunting, Fraudnetic enhances the overall user experience, creating a fair and enjoyable environment for your player community.

Regulatory Compliance

Stay compliant with industry regulations by implementing robust anti-fraud measures, minimizing the risk of penalties.